What's Popping #13: Adam Pits

What's Popping #13: Adam Pits



Who - Adam Pits

Where - Leeds

What - Squelchy futuristic bass

For Fans Of - Jossy Mitsu, Adam Beyer, Hugo Massien


Next up for on our ‘What’s Popping’ radar is Adam Pits. 


Pits was initially destined to be a cellist, even studying classical music at university. However for the last few years he’s pivoted into the electronic sphere.


In his own words Adam is “a music enthusiast, who wants to see other people enjoy music as much as he does.”


The first track from his upcoming EP Variations In A Minor just dropped on Holding Hands. Check it out below.


If you like what you hear, check out more of a similar vibe with LCY’s “In The Cut”.