Next Up with Rude Kid


We've been mates with Rude Kid for years, and no matter what venue we see him in we know he's always going to bring the right vibes. When we had our No5 recording studio in Soho, Rudes was always bringing through legends as well as up and coming artists. That's why he's the perfect candidate for our new series Next Up, where we ask pioneers of the scene to tell us who they think is set to take over.


Check out Rude Kid's selections below, and then find out who B Live is rating by clicking here.



Tana is an MC from Birmingham, I had already heard of him before but really started paying attention last year when I saw him clashing on Lord of the Mics 9. Since then he’s put out nothing but good music. His new one ‘Ride & Clutch’ is cold.



Doing radio, I get sent a lot of music. I saw an email saying Kairo had vocaled So Solid Crew’s “Oh No” instrumental. That’s one of my favourite tunes of all time so I had to check it out. When I did I thought this guy is sick – I played that tune on my show for like 8 weeks. His delivery and lyrics are wicked. Looking forward to hearing more bangers from him.



I first heard Che Lingo on a tune with Realz and Ghetts so I knew he was good, but I didn’t realise how good until he supported Ghetts on tour. That’s where I saw how much of a great artist Che Lingo really is, not only his music but his performances on stage were great. One of the shows we did in London, instead of sitting backstage I went in the crowd to watch him killing it. I 100% believe he will be doing big things from now.



I’ve known this rapper since we were young – just going youth club trying to get heard. He went away for a bit but he is back and I can tell he is putting in the work. I was proud of him when he put out his new tune “Cedar” recently. This tune shows his capability as an artist. Remember his name because he is going to be huge.



As soon as I heard Wolfie sing I wanted to know who she was and get in the studio with her. She is a good friend now, we’ve done many sessions and she’s featured on my single “Good To Know You”. She just dropped her first single “On Site” and I think it’s amazing. She is a so talented at song writing and her voice is beautiful. Make sure you check her out now.