Next up for our In The Cut series is Welsh DJ Lindsey Matthews. Lindsey has been our mate since she played our Leeds stage back in 2018 - now we ask her to delve into her archives and pick 5 tracks that inspire her and her sound.


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SPD & Jessie - Backroom Tings


This is an absolute TRACK, if you know you know. I've always been into my garage music since a young age, I was brought up around it. It's had a massive impact on the way i produce music today. Can't beat some nice tight garage drums.

Pearson Sound - Untitled


Pearson Sound is one of my FAVOURITE producers & this track is quality from start to finish. I remember closing the basement at Sankeys in Ibiza with this track, it shook the whole basement! Will never forget that moment. So nicely structured & well produced, David Sullivan is a legend.

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust


Now when i was growing up this was all my dad used to play, Queen. I remember I must have been about 7 years old dancing around my kitchen to this track. That bassline grabs you – it's so clever & catchy. I still dance around the kitchen to this now!

Daft Punk – Around the World


Wow, daft punk. What musical geniuses they are. French duo from Paris that wore helmets. But this track is one of my all time favourites. "Around The World" is is what got me into that electronic sound.

Sister Sledge - Lost In Music


Now this track has a huge impact on my life & my journey towards my career. The lyrics in this song just relate to my life so much, "We're lost in music/Feel so alive I quit my nine to five/We're lost in music" - This track keeps me focused, If I'm having a down day & need a little boost this is my go to track.