Drumcode Halloween 

October 31, 2017

We headed down to Tobacco Dock this weekend to see and dance along the most important names within the techno scene. The party kicked-off at 12 pm and kept banging our ears and bodies until 22:30pm. Between one set and another, vampires, zombies, gipsies and some skeletons, we managed to get the best costumes around the dark corners of the venue.

Just like any other festival, we had some glitter and fancy dresses, but in this case, we had a special occasion to celebrate and bring it to another level, and we were impressed! From Bame, The Purge to more simple and sometimes funny and classic outfits, Drumcode Halloween brought the spookiest and coolest characters to live.

Also, with a line-up that made the hair on our backs stands, we saw some epic sets from, Reset Robot, Maya Janes Cole, Sam Paganini, Ilario Alicante and Layton Giordani. Not to mention, the steamy and foggy atmosphere at the Car Park stage, where Amelie Lens made that small place shake to the ground. If you want to re-live, some of the sets from that day, check-out our coverage here.